Self Development

Posted on: 04/03/2019

What is self development?

I am certainly no expert in promoting techniques to develop yourself but what I guess I do have, is a certain amount of experience in developing skills and a focus towards being a better me.
We are all growing older every day which we are all experiencing. As we go through life, we are all gaining new experiences in our lives which are actually helping us improve ourselves. We take a lot of our learning for granted and underestimate how this improves us as people.

My own mantra is to try and live a more purposeful life each day on my terms and encourage others to do the same. I guess that is why I do what I do in health and fitness.
In my eyes, there is no substitute for people who have done it and experience is vital if we are going to make better decisions moving forward. There is no shame in making mistakes, it is how we learn from these which is crucial. Personally, I have made many mistakes which at the time seemed the right decision but the outcome has not proven to be what I had hoped. Were these decisions a mistake as a result? Possibly, but ultimately, I have become much better at judging the situation to allow the best decision to be made. This just comes with experience and understanding what may have not worked first time to allow us to be better the next time.

Personally, I feel having role models and inspiration as we all journey through life applies great support in developing you physically and mentally. I guess yours will obviously depend on your own path and what’s most important to you.

Surrounding yourself with these people will provide a constant source of ideas and they become especially important when you are looking to obtain some guidance or direction.
I would encourage you to make it a priority to find people who inspire you.

My 20 years in fitness has seen me come into contact with a whole variety of people who have taught me to find my way and be a better me. This may even be indirectly and just through observing them.

I was recently interviewed for a podcast in conjunction with The Parentpreneur accelerator on my experience in being a business owner in fitness and how I went full circle of setting up a business, employing staff, creating a concept, had some good times, challenging times and ended up placing the company into administration which allowed me to move on. The learning curve of this 8 year experience was priceless looking back and as a result I have become more educated to be more competent around making business decisions. Any journey will also provide an understanding of how to help others in the future.  Mistakes are only good if you learn from them.

You can check the link at Parentpreneur Podcast – James Golden – Learning from our mistakes
For those that know me well, will know that family are my world and as a family we made changes to life which saw us relocate to the Cotswolds from our urban life just outside of London. We were recently interviewed at Rock the Cotswolds about how and why we did it. Click Rock The Cotswolds – A day in the life of the Goldens

To summarise, in my opinion, self-development is about recognising how to improve yourself in a variety of ways which will help to make you a better you. This can be anything from not being knowing how to do a press up to applying yourself to focusing on the technique and building the required strength to be able to perform the perfect press up or to learning how to change a child’s nappy (9 years ago, I didn’t have a clue, now I can safely say, I am an expert)

If you are looking at ways to support improvements to your physical and mental wellbeing, check out the YOLO Retreats Wellness Day events which I will be hosting this year with the strapline of ‘Moving bodies and focusing minds’

Hope to see you there!