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The Premium Coach

James supplies a completely personal and bespoke health and fitness service to support you every step of the way.  This package will include a bespoke approach to your training inside and outside of the gym, a comprehensive individual nutrition and lifestyle plan which is continuously reviewed by James throughout.

James has been supplying the premium fitness coach to service people who want more from their personal fitness trainer. This programme will provide a complete support solution to your entire lifestyle and incorporate a series of one to one personal training sessions.

The programme offers the complete lifestyle support to work in conjunction with the demands of life and time constraints.  This service is very limited and James will only deliver five premium coach packages at one given time to ensure sufficient time is provided throughout.  The minimum booking for the premium coach is for three months.

Fitness and food need to be cohesive to maximise your result potential.  This is where the premium fitness coach programme will work for you.

James will ensure your lifestyle is completely tuned to you and tracked every step of the way to reach your goals.

What is included within the Premium Coach:

  • Lifestyle review/assessment pre-commencement – goal setting
  • 24 x personal training sessions spread across 3 months
  • Bespoke lifestyle and nutrition plan created every 4 weeks
  • Review at the start of each calendar month
  • The personal ‘Fitness Pro’ app platform which allows you to be connected with James every day (answers to questions responded to within 2 hours between 7am and 7pm. 12 hours from 7pm – 7am)
  • Complete support with your health and wellness
  • 3 month training programme and weekly monitoring to support us to our goal. Training programme is reviewed and adjusted monthly.
  • Food shop assistance and support with produce/meal planning
  • Physical assessment and review after 3 months

The Premium Coach Package is available from:
£675.00 per month 


One to One Personal Training

James recognises that everyone is an individual and requires a bespoke personal training approach to ensure exercise can be effective. With James, you will benefit from dedicated one-to-one sessions, creating a unique dynamic approach which allows you to focus on one thing – your results.

The first steps will be to conduct an initial physical analysis to ensure a regime can be specifically tailored to you, taking into account current fitness, potential injuries, limitations and lifestyle.

Each individual session will be created to ensure progress towards a healthier, fitter you is achieved.

Personal training with James integrates a wide range of disciplines and methods to keep both body and mind challenged in a variety of ways.  This includes options such as strength, mobility and stretching sessions, cardiovascular exercise and sports performance.  You can choose to purchase sessions, packages or pay monthly and, while it is recommend you commit to at least two/three sessions a week, James is realistic about how day-to-day demands can impact on your schedule.

James will support you in delivering results … fast.

Personal Training Sessions (1-hour appointments)

£50.00 – £65.00 per session (depending on location)

The Fitness Pro App bolt on:

Access to the ‘Fitness Pro’ App provides a 24 hour access to knowledge of fitness and nutritional advice outside of your personal training sessions to support you in reaching your goals. This will allow James to manage your training and provide a platform for direct communication.

Monthly Subscription @ £10.00 per week


It is impossible to be the best if you do not know the entire picture. This is where DNA testing comes into its own and allows an understanding of the dietary requirements, intolerances, and how you can achieve the most from exercise.  James insists that ‘knowledge is power’ and uses the DNA data to provide an even more specific approach to an individuals lifestyle.

We are all different, and a part of this difference is as a result of our genetic profile.

Genetically, there are the differences that we all see, such as eye and hair colour, but there are also the differences we don’t see, how we metabolise nutrients for example, the way we deal with toxins, how well we react to different types of exercise – we all interact with the environment in our own unique way.

Genetically we are almost identical, but in each gene, there are points of variation. The most common type of variation is a single base change at a particular position – this variation is called a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism, or SNP for short (pronounced ‘snip’).

It is in the combination of these tiny differences that we define our individuality, who we are.

But genes are not the whole picture, they don’t work alone, and they don’t determine everything about us.

Genes interact with our environment – and modifying the environment modifies our “phenotype” – the way we are (e.g. a fair skinned person will only suffer from sunburn if she/he stays in the sun too long).  Because we have some control over our environment (in our case exercise and nutrition choices) we therefore can work to create the best phenotype for our lifestyle.

James is approved to deliver DNA testing to understand the genes which can impact health, fitness and wellness.

£249.00 (includes two full reports and review)